Theatre workshop in Bangalore, India 1993

”Basic voice training”
For actors, vocalists, teachers, speakers and whoever wants to be heard.

Introduction of participants

Physical warm-up: stretching, free dance.

Voice warm-up with all kinds of sounds.

Explore the voice and all its possibilities.

How is the voice built and how do you train it so not to ruin it?

Dance a song, sing a movement.

Hum a soothing sound massage.

You do not have to be a singer to participate.

”Voice liberation and sound meditation”

Vocal sound vibrations are like a soft internal massage.

It can liberate tensions.

It can enhance your creativity.

We do physical warm-up with free dance.

We do deep breathing exercises.

Voice warm-up with all kinds of sounds.

Meditation exercises with and without sound.

We create sound images and paint them.

-and much, much more-

Private voice coaching: Contact Birgitte Grimstad

Workshop in Belgrade for women working with post-war trauma victims in Serbia and Bosnia
At the beginning of the term Birgitte Grimstad has for several years held 3-day seminars in vocal technique and voice liberation for our students at the Musical Theatre Dept.
Birgitte’s work establishes a basis for our work the rest of the year.
She works with the whole voice as an instrument and is not tied down to any one method.  She is very flexible, and focuses – even in large groups - on the ability and potential of each individual student, and gives positive and creative feedback to each one. She has a profund knowledge of people and a great ability to communicate, - which means she gets a lot done in a short time. I give my warmest recommendations for Birgitte Grimstad as a workshop instructor.
dir. Musical Theatre Dept.
Contact: Birgitte Grimstad
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